About Rapid Green Group

We are proactive, partnership-oriented, and offer comprehensive and creative solutions to meet your specific needs.


We opened our doors in 1999 in Grand Rapids, Michigan as Rapid Shred. Our focus was on information security, even before HIPAA and subsequent regulations had taken their full effect in the healthcare industry.

Environmental Savings

Last year Rapid Green Group recycled more than 10,000 tons of paper, which resulted in:

• saving more than 170,000 trees
• saving 30,000 cubic yards of landfill space
• creating about 38 MILLION rolls of tissue paper!

Customer Focus

To meet growing demand, we added specialized equipment and services to solve customer problems, continuing our focus on high quality service and security. In 2015, Rapid Shred became Rapid Green Group to better encompass our breadth of waste-management solutions.

How a new process helped reduce hospital waste

Rapid Green Group handles shredding and waste management for many hospitals, so when we learned about the mass quantity of one particular type of hospital waste - operating room “blue wrap” - we worked on a custom recycling solution to get the bulky blue wrap out of dumpsters and landfills and made into something new. The solution has helped our customer:

  • reduce waste disposal costs by over $10,000
  • reduce hospital waste by recycling 279,500 pounds (140 tons) of blue wrap (since 2011)
  • maintain a sustainable solution as material is processed, pelletized, and used to manufacture new plastic parts
Blue-wrap bale forklift non-invertedJPEG


We are fully bonded and insured. Our staff receive on-going training so you can be confident we adhere to HIPAA and other industry regulations.



Scott Dennis, President

Scott began his career as an environmental geologist, working on many soil and groundwater cleanups in the Michigan and the mid-west. After 10 years, he started his own environmental consulting firm focused on groundwater cleanup and litigation support.

Five years later, in 1999, Scott had the foresight to start Rapid Shred with the goal of providing high quality services with the highest level of security.

A willingness to try new solutions and a constant focus on customers has led to an extremely high client loyalty and referrals that continue to grow Rapid Green Group.

Jodye Dennis, Vice President

Jodye has been closely involved with the company planning since its formation as Rapid Shred in 1999, and her responsibilities increased as the company continued to grow.

Jodye manages invoicing, scheduling, and reconciling daily services, working closely with the Operations Managers at each of Rapid Green Group’s locations.

Her passion for the company is only surpassed by her passion for her family, including three grown children, their spouses, and most importantly, five wonderful grandchildren.

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